How to Play?


100 players jump in the battleground. MaP (Evangel, Miramar, Sanhok,vikendi etc).

Loot: as soon you jump to the Map Areas Enter into the Building to loot the guns, Medicines, Protective wears and kill the enemies.

Kill: Its a game about kill & get kill don’t afraid to kill (i always afraid to kill at the beginning you can watch my streams on youtube).

CIrcle Shrinks on Certain Interval ( 5 minutes, 2mins, 1 minute>> 5 times). then players have to within the circle.

Bluezone: This zone kills Players by decreasing health.

RedZone: Bombs are Dropped on Open Places to avoid this Enter into Nearest Building.

GUNS: Weapons Classified into 4 types Assualt Rifles, Snipers, Machine Guns, Shot Guns and Pistols

you can check guns Guide Power damage speed at my personal Blog post. There I can share my knowledge usually based on experience.

Vehicles:  These are used travel Villages (Pochinki, school, military base, Gatka, George Pool etc). These necessary to Get into the circle immediately and Hunting enemies by Ares wise to get Maximum Kills.

Without a vehicle, you Have to run the 70% (very frustrating) of the game if you jump Edge of the Map.

Maps Guide:

In order to Master the game, you have to aware the Map to know best places to loot the weapons (Military Base, George pool), Kill enemies in rush areas (Pochinki, school). To Know the vehicles & garages etc.



Warzone: 5 Teams Total 20 Numbers,

Pros: Kills not COunt as the winner but Score Rating on a Squad will Be a winner.

One kill = 3 Points, One revival Equals = 3 Points.

you can watch your Team Ranking just like 5/5 to 1/5. 1 means you are leading.

TIP: Stay with the team,  Occupy the Same Place snipe the enemies and Revive your Squad.


8 Minutes Match: Match ends very quick remaining same as Classic.

Solo: Single players compte with other 99 Players

Duo Squad: Play with 1+3 unknown players or your freinds invite them play with them.

Guns Guide & More My Gaming streams Other Apps


Q& A?

How To win in the Last Circle?

There are 3 Types Of Players at last.

Center Man: Most of the newbies went to Middle in the grass and lay down. if he makes a He Spotted and get killed. Because others clearing up the by Searching. (My case i always went to the middle of the circle because I died many times in the blue zone Only one win with 11 Kills, other squads 10, 3, 2, won by 5 times only)

Middle Man: These People May some Moderate, They are safe from blue zone hide always back side, rock and observer enemies to kill.

Edge Man: These players are Highly Aggressive,

Cons: They have to Take care of Bluezone Damage,

Pros: Easy spot & kill Middle, Spot Players.


Survival vs Kill Rate?

If you fear to fight in the Game, you definitely loose, yesterday in my game, i Jump to Pochinki, Enter in a House grabbed One high-class gun (AKM High rated Assault Riffle), another Newbie Stepped Into the House.. I killed by fearing & looted him got a 2nd Best Gun M416 looted other buildings (scopes, suppressors, Health kits) only 28 Players Remain (Fearing in the room while sounds). circle Closing jumped and running snipers Hit me in the building  Felt like shame.


AKM Vs M416 Vs M16a4 vs m762 Gums?


All these are Assault Rifles good Short & Mid Range. AKM has Good Damage (41) but Slow bullet Speed & fire rate)

with limited attachments, m416 has better speed & Fire rate with good Modification of Guns with the suppressor (Hit Damage 38). M16a4 ( Single, burst) high range& speed, fire rate as m416 (auto)but limited to 3 shots for rounds makes enemies escape.(Not Auto).

There a lot of Opinions and Limited data. m7162 Newly introduced.




guns guide


map guide erangel